Everyone needs a good basket to load up at the farmers' market. These will do the trick.

Baskets are pretty much custom orders. If everything I need to make yours is in stock, allow a few days, if I have to order a special handle, it might take a week.

You can choose colors and specify a size different from what is pictured. Custom orders gladly accepted.

Tote Basket

Tote Basket. Natural and colored reed, about 15 x 6 inches with shaker tape handles. $28.00

2 Handle Market Basket2 Handle Market Basket

A super large basket and nice and sturdy with 2 handles that go under the bottom of the basket. about 10 x 20. Assorted colors. $48.00

Farmers' Market Basket

Farmers' Market Basket. Another good sturdy one with an oak handle. Assorted colors. $35.00

I also make several smaller sized ones. Photos coming soon.

This page updated on January 2, 2016