Baskets are pretty much custom orders. If everything I need to make yours is in stock, allow a few days, if I have to order a special handle, it might take a week.

You can choose colors and specify a size different from what is pictured. Custom orders gladly accepted.

Garlic Basket

Garlic Basket - Natural reed with assorted color accents. Holds 2 or 3 heads of garlic $10.00

Potato BasketPotato Basket

Potato Basket. Natural reed or a bit of colored trim, about 12 inches across and 10 inches tall. $24.00

Utensil Basket

Utensil Basket. 4-5 inches square and about 10 inches tall. Just a splash of color, your choice. $20.00

Wine Basket

Wine Tote - A bit of color in various patterns. Holds 2 bottles, separated to keep them from bumping together. Oak handles. $30.00

Pie Carrier

Pie Carrier - Assorted Colors and patterns. 12 x 12 with oak handle. $35.00 I can also make a bit larger version 14 x 14 with double swing handles for $40.00

Jar Tote

Jar Tote- Wire and wood handles. A splash of color if you wish. Sized to hold 2 quart canning jars, either full of goodies or empty to hold flowers. (My beans and tomatoes are not included) $22.00

Double Bottom Fruit Basket

Double bottom on this one makes it extra strong. About 10 inches across. I could add a bit of color if you wanted. $28.00

Paper Towel Basket

Paper Towel Basket - This is not the original name of this one, nor the intended use, but it's what I use it for, so it has been renamed. I keep a roll of trash bags in the bottom and a roll of paper towels fits nicely, safe from kitty adventures. $30.00

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This page updated on January 1, 2016