Being utilitarian doesn't mean baskets don't have to be pretty too. These garden baskets are good examples of that

Baskets are quite sturdy and can be hosed off and left to dry in the sun when they need to be cleaned

Baskets are pretty much custom orders. If everything I need to make yours is in stock, allow a few days, if I have to order a special handle, it might take a week.

You can choose colors and specify a size different from what is pictured. Custom orders gladly accepted.

Herb Gathering Basket

Herb Gathering Basket. 12 inches x 15 inches. $30.00

Garden BasketGarden Basket

Garden Basket. Probably about 12 x 18. A nice sturdy basket that you'll use for hauling seeds and stuff at planting time and then for bringing in the harvest. Assorted colors and patterns. Oak handle. $35.00

Flower Gathering Basket

Flower Gathering Basket - Trim in your choice of colors. A tall basket for flower picking, Oak Handle. $35.00

Egg Basket

Egg Basket - Traditional shape. Easily holds a dozen. $25.00 Fancy handle $3 extra. Better without if you're actually using this basket to collect eggs, though nice if it's just going to sit in the kitchen.

Blueberry Basket

Blueberry Basket - Pick a color for trim. This is a 6 x 6 inch basket, perfect for berry picking or nice with a small jar inside to hold flowers. $18.00

This page updated on January 1, 2016