Baskets are pretty much custom orders. If everything I need to make yours is in stock, allow a few days, if I have to order a special handle, it might take a week.

You can choose colors and specify a size different from what is pictured. Custom order gladly accepted.

Cherokee Laundry Basket

Cherokee Laundry Basket - your choice of color, 14 x 18 $45.00

Bathroom OrganizerBathroom Organizer

Bathroom Organizer - Sized to fit the back of your toilet and organize clutter. Assorted colors. $25.00

Trash Can

Trash Can - Sized to be lined with a grocery bag with "ears" to keep it in place. Assorted colors. Base 6 x 12 and 14" tall. $35.00

Trinket Basket

Trinket Basket - A small, about 5 x 5 basket to set on the vanity to hold little bits of this and that, or some extra washcloths. $18.00

This page updated on December 29, 2015