Baskets are pretty much custom orders. If everything I need to make yours is in stock, allow a few days, if I have to order a special handle, it might take a week.

You can choose colors and specify a size different from what is pictured. Custom order gladly accepted.

Candle Basket

Candle Basket - Hangs on the wall or sits on a table. About 5 inches across and 10 inches tall. $24.00

Cat Bed

Cat Bed - assorted colors, about 12 x 18 (or the size you specify) $18.00

Heart Bottom Basket

Heart Bottom Basket - your choice of color, and you can be sure it will be brighter than my 25 year old one. Probably about 14 inches across and 8 inches deep. $35.00

Double Wall Basket

Double Wall Basket - Natural reed plus one color. This is actually a basket within a basket - two exactly the same size and joined at the top. It makes for a very sturdy basket. About 12 inches square and 8-10 inches tall. Mine holds all of my handmade wool socks. $45.00

Curly Trim Basket

Curly Trim Basket - A nice, decorative basket for putting things in. Do they all really need a specific purpose? 10 inches square, 8 inches tall not including the handle. $30.00

Organizer Basket

Organizer Basket. Natural and colored reed, about 10 inches long, 6 inches wide with 2 compartments and carrying handle. I use mine on the desk, but I can see lots of used for this around the house. $28.00

Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket. Natural reed with one or two trim colors. 17 x 13 and 16 inches tall with handle. $40.00

Round Utility Basket with Handle

Round Utility Basket with Handle. Natural reed with some colored reed as trim, about 12 inches across and 7 inches tall, not including handle. $25.00

Basket with Seagrass Trim

Basket with Seagrass Trim. Natural reed with seagrass trim, about 15 inches x 8 inches by 12 inches tall. Mine sits on my desk to hold papers to file. Much prettier than a metal tray. $30.00

Tote Basket

Tote Basket. Natural and colored reed, about 15 x 6 inches with shaker tape handles. $28.00

Wire Handled Basket

Basket with wire and wood handle. Natural reed, tea dyed, about 10 inches square not counting handle. $25.00

Heart Basket

Heart Basket - Usually done in red, but your choice of other colors too. $26.00

Amy's Basket

Amy's Basket. A bit narrower at the rim than the base which is about 8 x 8. Plain or with trim. I also do this one in a darker color. $28.00

Odds and Ends Basket

Odds and Ends Basket - So named because it gives you a chance to use up the odds and ends of colored reed that are always hanging about. 6 x 10 inches and 5 or 6 inches tall. $18.00

Cherokee Swirl Basket

A 2 color twill with a pattern reminiscent of a traditional basket. Not too large, just about 9 inches square. Solid bottom. $32.00

Plant Holder Baskets

Plant Holder Baskets - Sized to hold a 6 inch saucer (included) Assorted colors. $15.00

Unity Basket

Unity Basket - Not sure where the name came from, but I do like this one. An open mesh pattern around the middle with wooden beads for accents. About 10 inches across and 8 inches tall. $28.00

Wall BasketWall Basket

Wall Baskets - Hangs on your wall to hold dried flowers or whatever. Original pattern called it a mail basket. Not as useful for that as it once was. About 6 x 1 and 6 inches tall not including handle. $12.00

Wire Hanger Wall Baskets

Wall baskets for dried flowers or anything else. Wire hangers in assorted patterns. $14.00

Shadow Weave BasketShadow Weave Basket

Shadow Weave Basket - A little large as a bread basket, but who knows. Your choice of color. 2 wooden handles on the ends. 10 x 13 x 6. $30.00

Wood Bottom Twill Basket

Wood Bottom Twill Basket - A nice sturdy basket. Best with a dark color to show off the pattern. Base is 5 inches across and oak. About 8-9 inches across at the rim. $32.00

This page updated on January 23, 2016